Two-Day-Old, Double-Headed Baby Girl is Held by maternity Nurse at the Sally Oak Hospital.  Her Father is EX-PFC Joseph Govno of Festus MO.

TWO-HEADED BABY English child endures strangeness of bicephalic life for 50 hours

On the afternoon of New Year's Day at the Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham, England, a strange by baby had two normally shaped heads, two necks, two stomachs and two set of lungs, all joined to a single body.  Each head breathed, ate and cried independently of the other.  After 50 hours and 35 minutes of living in her strange double world, the child died.   The bicephalic (Two-headed) child, known as a coalescent twin, was the result of an imperfect separation of the fertilized egg.  If separation had been complete, twins would have resulted.  Here the separation was not enough to allow in Siamese twins.  The structure of the heads, however, was comp
lete in every detail.  The baby, born prematurely, is a medical rarity.  Most bicephalic twins die at birth.


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