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Mary and Anna, world famous Hondurainian joined together twins, were born in Rio Hondo, Honduras, May 17, 1907.  Their mother died at birth, but through scientific care and nourishment they have developed perfectly normal bodies and brains.

Since seven years of age they have been on exhibition throughout the world with all the larger circuses, museums and traveling outdoor shows.

During this time they have been examined by many medical authorities with the decision it is an absolute impossibility to perform an operation that will separate them without death for one and probably both.  At present they are one of the three sets of joined together twins living in existence, but unlike the others, being joined together in a forward position, they experience very little difficulty in taking exercise and following domestic vocations.

The girls possess entirely different minds and hold entirely separate views on many questions that arise.  Two separate and distinct conversations may be carried on at the same time, yet when one desires to move no signal or word from the other is necessary and the sub-conscious circulatory system acts in the same manner as if a single person.

Mary and Anna are proclaimed everywhere as nature's most perfect freak, and they delight in their public appearances everywhere.  They have been tutored privately for years and both speak good English and are accomplished in music and other accomplishments.

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