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Sounds of the Sideshow Volume 1

A collection of Ballys, Grinds and Spiels from America’s carnival midways


This is a definitive collection of sideshow audio collected over the past 35 years by Sam Durocher. All tracks in this collection are show used, nothing was created in the studio for this disc. You will hear the following tracks:


1. Real Giant Octopus
2. The Motordrome
3. The Astro Liner
4. Monty the Python
5. Clyde Beatty Sideshow
6. Angel the Snakegirl
7. Gabora the Gorilla girl (outside lecture)
8. Gabora the Gorilla girl (inside lecture)
9. Museum of World Oddities
10. Lobster Family (Stiles)
11. Ringling Brothers & Barnum Bailey Sideshow
12. Tomainis (Al & Jeanie)
13. World of Wonders (Ward Hall)
* Bonus Tracks
14. Der Spooken Barn
15. Laughing Family

Each track has been digitally remastered to remove hiss and buzz, but it should be made clear that many of these tracks were recorded onto cassette and reel to reel tapes so some degradation is still there. You will marvel at the bold claims made by the talkers on these tracks. 3 of the tracks are by the King of the Sideshow – Ward Hall. Liner notes inside the custom CD case will give you a history of each one of the tracks and were they came from.


As a special bonus I have included 2 tracks that were used on my parents “Der Spooken Barn” Funhouse in the late 70′s – these were rescued from fragile reel to reel tapes and preserved in their entirety as MP3′s


This disc is approximately 55 minutes in length and has no filler material – you will enjoy listening to these tracks over and over as they transport you back to a different time.

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