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Great Little Guy,  he is a bull frog.  size is about 2 " long not counting his legs.  this amazing little frog has 6 legs,  the 2 extra legs come off the left front leg.  His main front leg also has an extra foot on it.    He's over a year old.  Open to the highest offer or may consider a trade . 













The strangest one is a HUGE 3 headed boar, that is really neat looking that stands on a wooden display, my husband purchased it at Tony Sheedas trading post in Duluth MN  when after 50 years or more of being in business, he lost his lease and he they had a huge 3 day auction and  it went out of business a few years ago.


He is really cool. And Big. Good shape.

He is approx 4 feet long, 4 feet high and

26 inches across the front.


Not to hard to move though, if you have a couple people lift him, he is attached to the wooden box he stands on, so just need to support him some.


I know People  really get a kick out of him when they see him, and send friends into see him too.


The boar is made of what feels like a thick rubbery almost leathery like....harder material.


He looks very real, and even feels real, that's why so many people think he is real when they see him.


His detail is great, he is even better in person that what the pics show.


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a Nelson Supply House Mummy


I'm not sure how old it is but as you can see from the pics it's not new. the mummy stands over 6 ft. tall and come with the old wooden box for display.

It was billed and Exhibited as Gold Tooth Jimmy the famous gangster.





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