The Rays - In front of their Venice Beach Freak Show

About half way down my stroll along Venice Beach, I came upon a young man holding a small plastic container.  He asks would I like to see the 2 headed turtle?  Now on my walk to the Freak Show,  I had thought I just witnessed some of the  freakiest things I had ever seen.


Freaks! I'm sure I pass 10 freaks to an inch on my walk down Venice Beach.  


The guy on roller skates playing his guitar, a man standing on a stool clad only in a loincloth holding two rubber snakes showing them to all that passed.  A robot dressed in a tuxedo with a sign stating place money in cup to see me dance, or maybe he was a man with silver painted face waiting to performer for the many visitor that come to enjoy a day at Beach.


Venice Beach is an enclave of Artists, Performers, shops and just about anything else you can think of that has the potential to shock and amaze!  Muscle Beach, the many shirt shops, food joints and vendors make your visit an experiences to remember or should I say never forget!


Now lets go back to the young man with the 2 headed turtle, Todd Ray is his name, him and his wife are the proprietors of the Venice Beach Freak Show, which is an understatement of what you will see on the inside.


Todd graciously ushered me between the 2 questions marked curtains that hang covering the entry to the Freak Show.  When we were on the inside he began to tell me of all the wonders I was going to behold on the inside.


The Freak Show is a large collection of the Bizarre. You will see 2 head things all over the place, conjoined twins, 6 legged animals, and a collection of crypto that rivals any museum I have visited and that's just the start.


I ask Todd with all of the freaks/freaky things that you can see on the beach free, do you make a living.  He said "sure do, there's days where the lines are so long that you would think folks were waiting to get on a roller coaster."


The best part of my visit to the Freak Show was visiting with Todd and his wife and the many expericnes he shared.


Now I don't want to down play my visit to the Freak Show, you will see freaks from all over the world, stranger thing than those I witnessed on the beach.  You will never remember what you paid to get in, but you will never forget what you seen all the days of your life.


And yes it's all real, it's all there , and it's all on the inside. so go in now!


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John Robinson & Todd Ray

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