"What happens in Vegas doesn't necessarily stay in Vegas!" or even the State of Nevada!


Continuing on their mission to unveil the true weirdness of America, Mark Moran and Mark Sceurman, the masterminds behind the Weird book series have expand their search into the great state of Nevada, and of course, that would include a special focus on Sin City itself. The Weird Las Vegas and Nevada team of Joe Oesterle & Tim Cridland spread out across the state to uncover the truly unusual stories that make Vegas and Nevada unique - stories you won't find in your average guidebook.


I've traveled through the Great state of Nevada many times.  Weird!  Who would have ever thought Nevada, Weird!  Now maybe Las Vegas, where Elvis stands on every corner, then there's the chapels of love! You can even find one where you drive up get married then speed down the road to one of many nationally owned fast food joint, then off to well where ever people go after they get married, eat fast food and????????


Weird Las Vegas and Nevada, is filled with stories about unusual people and amazing sights. Abandoned places, cursed roads, friendly and not-so-friendly ghosts, bizarre personal properties, and eye-catching roadside oddities are all here, all for you, and all very weird.

Weird Las Vegas and Nevada, is a guide to places I want to see, it should provide the reader with great info on where to find things you never knew you wanted to see and where to find them.


A great and entertaining read!


John Robinson Sideshow World



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