Palace of Wonders Opening

A Review

Reviewed by Walt Hudson

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The "Palace of Wonders" cabaret [Washington DC] had its official opening July 7 & 8 2006. The gala was held in the two-story bar which features "dime museum" displays of oddities, formally seen in the now defunct Baltimore Dime Museum. James Taylor, owner of the artifacts, acted as MC for the all-star live show both nights.

Capacity crowds were shocked, amazed and entertained by sideshow and variety acts.

Charon Henning "the most dangerous beauty alive" did her sword swallowing and sword ladder routines. She was sexsational!

Her partner, Professor Otto Knowbetter, shocked the crowd with his "pain and torture "acts including eating glass, chewing razor blades, and swallowing and regurgitating hundreds of straight pins.

Chris McDaniel the modern-day Buffalo Bill demonstrated why he is the World Champion Western Arts Master of rope and whips.

Kitty Victorian added sex appeal to the evening with her burlesque dancing.

Stephon Walker did a comic turn as Swami Yomahmi as he performed the blockhead and "human furniture" acts.

Surprise performances included Jim Frank's creative Flea Circus and Patrick O'Brien with his bagpipe music.

Saturday's sold out performance featured Todd "Carnival Knowledge" Robbins and Trixie Little and her Evil Hate Monkey replacing Kitty Victorian and Jim Frank.


You can find more info on the above acts in Sideshow World's listings of entertainers.

Jill Fisher was talent coordinator and she informs me the Palace plans to present live entertainment three times weekly.

It is great to have a showcase for sideshow talent in the nation's capitol.



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