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Just received my copy of Scott Xaviers new book "Memoirs of a Mind Reader" -  Scrapbook of a Sideshow Mentalist on CD


Scott chronicles his adventures and misadventures spent with the HARMUR Sideshows association with Circus Sideshows. The CD is loaded with sideshow photos of performers, freak animals, bannerlines streaming video, ballys, behind the scenes images most people would never see.


The text is opinionated and harsh, with some names changed to protect the innocent...or guilty.  When I advertised for help on Sideshow World,


John Robinson of Sideshow World wrote; "This may be your last chance to be a part of  sideshow history".


Xavier is making sure his short employment with the Circus Sideshows will not be forgotten with his expose' on the daily operations and treatment of the personnel and even the animals on exhibit. No one is spared, not even this Author, with Xaviers truths to be found inside this shocking edition. 


The book is funny, sad, hurtful, exhilarating and above all truthful, but indeed a part of sideshow history.


I hope all sideshow operators, performers & fans will get a copy. 



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