From its opening to its closing the Freakshow keeps you suspended somewhere between the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Todd Browning’s Freaks.


As the Jenny and Big Eli Wheel turn, lights shining into darkness, you’re taken to a Midway lost in time. Where Lon (the circus owner) sets under the Big Top giving grave warning to the 40 milers not to steal from him or disrespect the family.


Unknown to Lon and the rest of his freaks, there's a group plotting to steal the shows receipts at any cost.


The Freakshow has a well rounded cast of Freaks, from the Great Riwami who can use his feet as well as any of us can use our hands. To the Elephant Man who ghostly appears in the background throughout the Freakshow.


The cast of freaks include Diego Barquinero as the Wolf Man, Amy Dunton as Bobby & Bobbie the Half & Half with his/her bottled baby. 


Remember never to disrespect the family.



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