Who Said Beauty is Only Skin Deep!


We arrived a half hour before the doors opened. Took a quick tour of the Fremont Street Experience, then walked a block and a half East finding ourselves in front of a small building just off the main path.  It was strange to me (if there can be anything strange to me) we were at the address, but I didn't recognized the building.  The sign on the front read Salon of Beauty.  My first thought was I don't need my hair cut, but as quickly as the thought came it disappeared when Shawnee (who had accompanied me) said "We're Here!".


The group had setup on a small stage on the patio to the rear of the building, the night was cool but the location was perfect for the show.  After a long sound check the doors opened and the crowd hurried in.


It was a smaller crowd than I expected considering we were in the middle of the entertainment capital of the world, but they were very energized and looking forward to the show.


A young man walked to the center front of the stage and began to talk, Ladies and Gentleman you are about to see amazing things.  Come in Close, Come in Closer, yes you are going to see FREAKS! You will see Ken the modern day Elephant Man, Jackie the Human Tripod, The T-Rex Man, The Black Scorpion with his magic, Little Miss Fire Fly the smallest woman in the world, Yes she is a full grown woman only 27 inches tall and Lady Diabla the sword swallower.  Right here, Right now, so get ready for the 999 Eyes Freak Show.


It was a well scripted performance that started with a lively tune preformed by That Damned Band.


Here's how That Damned Band describe themselves on their Myspace,  "A circus train wreck't into a folk revival next to a hobo camp where wandering jews and gypsies from Eastern Europe have been learning Irish drinking songs from Tom Waits.

We are the Dark Carnival Gypsy jug band that you brought home and kept you up all night playing music on your front porch and in your living room. You were so hung over that you missed work the next day, and didn't regret it one bit."


Yes, I'd say at least that and much, much more. 


As the band played on they introduced the FREAKS: Ken, The Modern Day Elephant Man, told of his experiences growing up and how so many folks worried that his condition was contagious. Jackie the Human Tripod was carried on the stage concealed in a small trunk. After emerging she preformed a song reminisce of the early 1930's.  As she sang, my thoughts ran back to the Hi-Di-Ho Man Himself.  John, The T-Rex Man used his whip to cut a rose from the lips of Lowrent the Clown.  The Black Scorpion amazed and shocked his audience with his act, a living Lobster Boy, slamming a rubber mallet onto his hand with a force that made the strongest members of the audience wince with pain.  Little Miss Fire Fly, the smallest woman in the world, along with other members of the group assisted Lowrent the Clown with his high pressured Hot Dog Catch; As always Lowrent got to catch it in an orifice of his choosing.  After a short intermission then came Lady Diabla swallowing her swords and Little Miss Fire Fly dancing on broken glass.  A waltz couldn't have held a candle to the beauty of their performance.


A high powered show that was non-stop. Yes! the Freak Show is alive and well in the form of 999 Eyes.  A must see for everyone, the music, the performance, It's all there, It's all Alive, and IT'S ALL IN YOUR FACE.


a Review by John Robinson Sideshow World


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