While strolling the midway at the Pima County Fair in Tucson AZ. I came across a banner

that stated America's Smallest Travelling Museum. 




From a load speaker a heavy booming voice called me in.  Standing outside the entrance

was a man dressed in a Hawaiian Shirt holding a cane in one hand inviting me in to




I wasn't quite sure what I was in for, but I can never past up a Single O', good or bad?


I entered the tent and walked to the rear, I witnessed behind chain link one of the most

amazing sights I've ever seen.  I thought of the large banner that stated SEE THE STRANGE THING! AMAZING.  Well amazing it was, it was more than amazing! Right there in front of me there was not 1 attraction, not even 2 but 3, yes 3. "WOW!" what a value.


3 for the price of one........


A small show is a small show, but as I turn to leave, that booming voice said now ladies and gentleman right behind the flag for just another .50 cent you will see the strangest of all.  It's not for the weak of heart, you'll see it right behind the flag. Yes hanging right there in the corner hung old glory in all it's majestic & grandeur.  I was told to go behind the flag for an extra added attraction.  There was something behind that flag, I knew it, I had to see it, so I pulled the flag to one side and walked in.


I was standing there looking into the glass window when all of a sudden the lights went on and the panel went up.  Now let me tell you .50 cent was nothing to have paid for what I saw..... I know I will forget what I paid to get in, but all my days I will never forget what I seen on the inside.


JM Reid (aka the Professor) the owner and operator was a great host. 


If you ever have the chance to see America's Smallest Travelling Museum, pay your admission, enter, and enjoy the show.


You'll be amazing and have fun to boot.


John Robinson

Sideshow World


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