A delight to the ear, a remembrance of times gone by with a modern flare.

As I hit the button to the CD player and heard the first notes jump from my speakers, I was
reminded of a simpler time, a time when Freak Shows Graced the Midways.  A time when
the Great Bannerlines, with their Strange, Amazing, & Fantastic imagery excited us to "Come on In!".  I heard a voice coming from the loud speaker, telling us of all the wonderful sights we will see "On the Inside!".  Yes, for just a dollar he hollers, see what everyone is talking about, enter now - the show is about to begin.  Yes, it is That Damned Band's "Circus Day".

That Damned Band vs Sick's Pack is music that reminds one of the Hi-De-Ho Man himself,
ringing of the Jim Kweskin Jug Band....a delight to my ear.  All six tracks on their Dual Pre-Album cdr release reflect the folksy sound of America.



The CD was a limited edition (only 30 made!) preview of both THAT Damned Band's and Sick's Pack's full length CDs, which are coming out later this summer! 


THAT Damned Band's CD will be available online through www.999eyes.com.

I just liked it!

John Robinson Sideshow World



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