As the Jenny turns round and round and the Big Eli Wheel goes up and down the grit of the Carny's World moves from place to place.  It's in the Blood they say, it's in the blood!  That's why I'm on the road, it's in my blood......


Carny Americana on the Midway is a behind the scenes look at a world we visit every year when it comes to our town.  We see the trucks with their rides and food joints being pulled behind and feel the excitement as we watch the Big Eli Wheel being raised and the other rides assemble on the lot.


Most of the times we never think of the folks that travel with the Carnival, when we do what comes to mind isn't their humanity or their lives, if we think of them at all, it's from the safety of our own's from the cautions of our experiences, but it's never from their world.  Carny is a look into that world, through their eyes.  It's how they see us, yes the townies.  It's about playing the mark, running hard, making a living, loving the life, sharing community, Yes it's in the blood, it's in the blood of all of them. 


We may never want to understand them, but every year when the Carnival comes to town we get excited and at the end of the day we leave their world go home and back to our day to day until the next year when the Carnival comes to town.


The folks that Virginia Lee Hunter photograph and interview on the pages of Carny have each chosen to follow the arrows, even though it's a hard life, it's in the blood, that's why they do it, that's why they love it, that why we don't understand it, it's not in our blood.


If you're lucky you will see as you visit the pages of Carny Americana on the Midway the folks as they live their lives on the road, as they work their joints, as they operate the rides, as they visit your town.  Yes you may get a small understanding of what it's like to be on the other side of the Midway.  Behind the lights, under the canvas and on the road.


It's in the blood, Yes that's what Carny Americana on the Midway is all about.


Follow the arrows it's all down hill to the next spot!

John Robinson Sideshow World



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