What you didn't know about the Capt. you'll find in the many pages of Madame Chinchilla's biography - Capt. Don Leslie Sword Swallower - Circus Sideshow Attraction. 


The Capt at his worst was a fascinating character and at his best was an amazing talented showman. 


As you wonder through the pages of Madame Chinchilla's book you will find an amazing story that will captivate and entertain you.  Filled with a life time of photographic history of the Capt and the people he knew.


A must read for anyone that knew the Capt or has an interested in the Circus Sideshow and Tattoo  History.

John Robinson

Sideshow World



"Ladies and Gentlemen!  Now I am going to put this sword down my throat
past my cardiac muscle and into my stomach...isn't anyone going to stop me?"



Over the course of his lifetime, Captain Don Leslie swallowed a staggering number of swords. As a performer in the circus sideshow, he performed 18 to 22 times a day. During each performance, he would swallow fifteen times, whether it was a bayonet, a knife, a sword, a saber, an oil dipstick, a screwdriver, or a lit neon tube (which one could see glowing through his chest!). During his street performance days in San Francisco, Boston, and New Orleans, he sometimes swallowed a bayonet ten times an hour, five hours a day, six days in a row... Add that up over a fifty year career...








In my lifetime I touched three centuries of circus.  When I was nineteen, people in their fifties were from the 1890's.


I met entertainers who worked for P. T. Barnum. 



Captain Don Leslie - 1997



December 26th 1937


June 4th 2007




Last Photograph Taken of Capt Don Leslie


Photo Credit Marc Laita 2007














Center or Entrance Banner 4' x 16 - by Capt Don Leslie













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