The Ross MacRae/Wayne Keyser Ballycast debuted Oct 18th, 2007 with an interview of the Freak Prodigy; the 18 year old Brett Loudermilk who has been performing since he was 8 years old.  Brett performs an array of Sideshow Acts and, at the tender age of 18, hopes to become the face of today's sideshow.


Brett has been taking some heat over the past few weeks from some of the sideshow internet groups.


Brett shared a few of his thoughts on his blog (click to read)>>> alive on the inside about his experience, or lack of, with the World of Wonders Sideshow this past season. Brett's blog entries also draw fire from seasoned showmen and other performers. 


Brett's interview with Ross went along way to set the record straight about what he meant from his blog entries.


Ross shares up to date happenings in the sideshow world. he also gives his thoughts about his "website of the week", this week he shares two.  Ross also has special sales and recipes of carny food favorites.


I found Ross's (click to listen)>>> Ballycast professionally produced and informative.


I'm looking forward to what the Ballycast holds for us in the future.


Well done Ross!                                                                    John Robinson Sideshow World



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