My pal, Colonel JD Wilkes of Th'Legendary ShackShakers had the world premiere for his documentary, Seven Signs, tonight here in Nashville.

The documentary is an excellent overview of southern eccentricity. I highly recommend it so if it comes to a theater near you, check it out.

At one point, there was a midway shot and I thought, 'I know that banner line.' Sure enough, the next thing I knew, the girls and I were looking at a giant, movie screen sized face of John Strong in all his midway glory, pontificating to beat the band. I have to admit, John. You did a mighty fine job. He even does some fire eating/breathing and has a stage full of feminine pulchritude in the form of the Panty Raid Burlesque Troupe. There were short interviews with Parris, John Hiner and a whole lot of John Strong.  My pal, JD, did a really nice and respectful job of presenting the side show and John did a great job himself.


Overall, a very impressive film ............ SideShow Bennie


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