Whenever I attend the Sideshow Gathering I expect the unexpected and I have never been disappointed.  This year Nov. 4-7 were the dates and Wilkes-Barre PA was the place.  Two dozen acts and hundreds of aficionados gathered to remember and celebrate the life of Franco Kossa who started the gathering 10 years ago.  Kossa died unexpectedly last spring.


This year Thrill Kill Jill, Tyler Frye and Hank Lightening booked a scheduled and presented the entertainers.


In addition to several solo acts there were several sideshow troupes entertaining.  The variety of skills demonstrated over the three days included sword swallowing, glass dancing, iron tongue, blockhead, pin cushion, whips, knife throwing, plate spinning, contortion, blade box, body stapling, electric chair, hooks in the eyes, juggling and bug eating.  There were even a few exotic burlesque dancers to add a bit of spice to the atmosphere.


The returning solo performers included Jim Stilianos, Keith Nelson Bindlestiff, Tommy Gunn, Prof. Fountain, Harley Newman, Prof. Sprocket and Steve Hyde.


Returning groups included the variety of Crispy Family Carnival and Gwyd and Sylver Fyre with their always popular Knotty Bits Sideshow.  Also the multi-talented Old City Sideshow with Danny Borneo.  Martin Ling, Reggie Bugmuncher, and Gi Gi Holliday wowed the audience.

Swami Yomahmi presented a bevy of beauties....Trinket, Sally the Cinch, Mab just Mab  and Cherrie Sweetbottom.  Fast-paced comedy and beauty!

Tyler Frye and Thrill Kill Jill's Lucky Daredevil Thrill Show was excitement personified.


New to the gathering were four diversified sideshows.

The Doppelganger Sideshow featured an attractive guy Dr. Arcana and cute gal Rachel Rampage who presented standard acts plus a great electric chair and sub trunk bits.

The Unholy Sideshow lived up to its name.   The rough acts designed to gross out did not disappoint.  It was well routined and cleverly acted diabolical insanity. Great!

Scarborough Sideshow with Chris and Dangerous D presented a loud, fast, brassy personalities.  When the act ended the audience was left as breathless as they were.  Chris' hammering a nail into a board with his bare hand and D's human hourglass stunt were real gasphers!


The Bruise Brothers have got to be the biggest act in the business.  Both are 6'4" and their comedy routine is carefully planned.  Emphasis is placed on stunts based on superior human strength.  Mighty muscles and fantastic fun!


John Colemen worked the sound system for all of the acts.  Cris Siqueira "the Brazilian Bombshell" showed a film on the colorful American Sideshow.  Love that gal!


Steve Pittilla brought his Headless Gal show and Professor Sprocket made the opening for the crowd.  That guy can really talk.


Artist Toni Lee exhibited her new banners and her new husband.


Time O'Brien of Ripley Radio recorded all weekend for the Ripley Radio Oddcast.


Pete Genovese, Prof. Ouch, Bob Blackmar, Rob Houston, James Taylor, Diane Falk, Stan Mayre and Al Stencil gave us a historic perspective of the business.


James Mundie ran the public relations department for the gathering.


Walt Hudson danced on broken glass with Mab just Mab!


New comers this year were Josh Peters who demonstrated a straitjacket and chain escape and Kellan Hancock with Alex Doll who excited with their cinderblock routine.
A steller weekend was had by all!



Poster by James Mundie


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