SYNOPSIS:  Having sawdust in the blood is a carny compliment, but blood in the sawdust is another story. In 1936, during The Great Depression, a traveling sideshow sets up shop to mystify yet another dustbowl town with freaks and illusions.


When a sinister force begins taking the carnies'  lives one-by-one, Detective Ellison (Reggie Bannister of "Phantasm") is put on the case.  Is it the cryptic carnival owner, Helen (Denise Gossett)?

What about the strong man, Virgil (Chris Staviski)? Or how about Ratty, the snake handler (Doug Jones of "Hellboy")? Step Right up folks, step right up. The Show is about to begin.




With all of today's special effects and million dollar budgets Carnies takes us back to a simpler time. When B movies were B movies. When you could still go to your corner theater on a Saturday, pay your 25 cents, and be entertained for most of the morning.  You'll still have to pay your 5 bucks for popcorn and a drink!
I spent the whole 83 minutes stuck to my seat, wanting to see what was going to happen next?  Carnies has it all!  A Strongman, a Geek, Girls, a Magician, a Vent, Snakes, a Sword Swallower, a very loving Father of the Fatherless Children, even a little sex and violence, who could ask for more?  Oh Yes! I almost forgot,  there were those Demons that stalked the Midway!
Now lets take a minute and share the best part of the movie, It was the Talker, with his interesting spiel which drew the Marks in turning his tip as we watched the happy crowd entered the show.  But that wasn't his only appearance, stay tuned you'll need to see the movie.  One of the best lines in the show was "Bit, and Chewed, Eaten up Yum!"  I bet you're thinking it was the geek, but no! even though he bit the head off a chicken, you got to remember it was the depression, waste not, want not.  Guess what they had for dinner?
And the pregnant lady, "she almost had her baby right there".  I know that today's performers count their success by how many people pass out during their show.  But having a baby, who would have guessed?
Most sideshows of that era had freaks, but the only freaks I saw in this movie was the over acting of most of the performers.   Considering the cast I was a little surprised.
Shocked and Amazed, sure I was, but not for the same reasons most of you are shocked and amazed when you go inside the show.  Pickled Punks that cry out from their jars, shadows on the sidewalls, a stalker, that looked a little like Tom Waits in a top hat, and there were those demons, not sure how they fit in, but it was a KILLER!
Now with that said you gotta see this movie! You won't believe your eyes.  I'm not sure you'll believe you'll sit through the whole thing.  But you've got to see it!
So with best wishes and a little smile, I know you will find this a little dark, a little hard to believe, and I know you'll find a great deal of disbelief and a large dose of humor.
Ladies and Gentlemen, step right this way, you won't remember what you paid, but you will never forget what you are about to see on the inside of Carnies.


John Robinson - Sideshow World


DIRECTED BY: Brian Corder

STARRING: Chris Staviski, Doug Jones, Reggie Bannister, David Markham, Denise Gossett, Ford Austin and Lee Perkins.

WRITTEN BY: Ron Leming and John B. Nash

STREET DATE: October 12, 2010
AUDIO: English 5.1 Dolby
U.S. RATING: Not Rated
DISTRIBUTORS: R-Squared Films (USA, Canada)
UPC: 837654866771
SRP: $19.99V
Runtime: 83 Minutes

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