Johnny  Eck  Museum 


If I can use these words, "I STAND ALL AMAZED" at the doorway to the Johnny Eck Museum.

It is a one of a kind Cyber Jewel!


Even at this point in it's development it provides the visitor with the unique opportunity to look into the lives of Johnny and Robert Eckhardt.

The museum's collection of personal items from their estate opens the door into the amazing world of the Eckhardts'.

As you stroll through the many cyber doorways of the museum you will experience the world through the eyes of Johnny himself. 

His Artwork, Music, Photographs and Writings give us the rare opportunity to witness a Great Showman, Performer and most of all his Humanity.

In a time when it was hard for a person with a disability to make a living, Johnny stepped out on the bally platform and with his many talents amazed the world.

The Johnny Eck Museum brings to life the accomplishments that each of the brothers made.  It lets us view the private moments in the relationship between two brothers that lived, worked and loved one another.

Jeffrey Gordon Curator of the cyber museum has assemble the largest collection of personal items from the life of Johnny Eck on the Internet today and it's still growing.

It is our privilege to enter through the cyber door and learn about these great personalities and their amazing lives.

So Ladies and Gentleman step right this way, you are about to witness the most amazing sights you will ever
see....SO GO IN NOW!

                                                                                                                     John Robinson  Sideshow World



Johnny Eckhardt was born on August 27th 1911 at his parents home in Baltimore, Md. He was one of two twins.

The other brother, Robert, was born a normal, healthy child.


Johnny, though healthy, was born with no lower half.  His body stopped just below the ribs.
"Oh my lord, he's a broken doll." cried one of the midwives as Johnny came out.

However, in his 79 years on this earth Johnny Eck (his name was shortened by his first manager)

accomplished more than most people with legs


 Photograph and Bio used with permission of Jeffrey Gordon, The Johnny Eck Museum

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