Sounds of the Sideshow – Volume 1


A collection of Ballys, Grinds and Spiels from

America’s Carnival Midways


This is a definitive collection of sideshow audio collected over the past 35 years by Sam Durocher, a delight to ears of anyone interested in the sounds on the midways.


Step Right this Way!  You are about to see a beautiful young lady turn into a killer beast right before your eyes, See her GAMBORA! the Gorilla Girl come to life!  Enter Now or Forever Wonder!!!!!!!!!!


See the World's Largest Man, he weights 800lbs and he's on the inside.  Go in now!  You will see the FREAKS!  You can talk to them, you will never remember what you paid to get in, but you will never forget what you have seen on the inside!


Sounds of the Sideshow Vol. 1 is a must have for any sideshow fan.  It will take you onto the midways of the sideshow and back to your childhood as you hear the talkers tell you of the wonders that lay just behind the canvas walls!

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