Shindig a Review by Walt Hudson


James "Shocked and Amazed" Taylor and I attended the giant rock show Shindig along with 20,000 other patrons here in Baltimore on Sept. 27.  We were not drawn to the two huge stages that presented about a dozen nationally famous rock bands that played continuously for about ten hours.


Instead, we headed for the Ripley's Believe It or Not! side stage where 15 of the country's top sideshow and burlesque stars performed from 12 until 8:30PM!


The show that featured every conceivable sideshow act was produced by Alex Doll and she did a marvelous job.


Hosting the day long affair was the Lizard Man Eric Sprague.  His entire body is tattooed with green scales and his teeth are filed to points.  His tongue is split and his forehead has Teflon implants.  His ear lobes are pierced and stretched.  His beyond bizarre act included corkscrew through nose, sword swallowing and blockhead.  His body modification and talent shocked and amazed.


Mab just Mab is my favorite sideshow gal.  She featured glass walking, balloon swallowing, fire eating and animal traps.  It is always a pleasure to watch her rapport with a volunteer from the audience.  The interaction is the highlight of her routine.


Jonathan Burns has got to be the wackiest guy in the business today.  The audience just didn't stop laughing at his excruciatingly antics.  Check out his hilarity on You Tube!


Adam Realman presented seldom seen strong man stunts.  Bending nails and horse shoe with his bare hands and blowing up a hot water bottle until it burst were just a few of his tremendous feats of strength.


Chris McDaniel's western routine with whips, ropes and guns is TOPS in the business.


My favorite gal from Philly, Reggie Bugmuncher has added a couple of new items to her fresh, raw, and original act.  She did a nail board type act using a bed of barbed wire.  Another new titillating bit was using a grinder on her bra and cod piece.  Those sparks sure did fly!


Wildman Danny Borneo continued to shock with a dozen stunts.  I found his hooks in the eyes stunt especially impressive.


Cardone's magic, vent, escapes and illusions added real variety to the day's entertainment.  His creative presentations had the audience baffled.  This magico is tops in talent.


Mackenzie Moltov presented a pleasant diversion as the sword swallowing ballerina.


Swami Yomahmi, my favorite sideshow geek from Washington DC, always amazes me with his wacky presentations of standard sideshow acts.  He rushed in form performing at a local Renaissance Festival to participate.


Serpentina the snake charming contortionist got the audience's attention when she brought out the big snake! she is a seasoned performer from Coney Island and a real crowd pleaser.


Sex and beauty were added to the day's entertainment by the dazzling exotic dances of Candy Del Rio, Melody Magpie, and Rev Valentine.  Russell Bruner kept the gals in the crowd shouting their approval as he presented his exuberant Boylesque routine!


A special thanks to Alex Doll and all the performers for keeping the sideshow and burlesque arts alive in a new age.


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