"Sno Kone" and Shaved Ice


Sno-Kones and "Hawaiian Shave Ice" (the real Hawaiians say "shave," not
"shaved") are favorites on both sides of the counter. They're refreshing and
made-to-order, and they're incredibly profitable! Commercial Shave Ice and
Sno-Kone machines really do shave a block of ice using sharp blades.
Hawaiian Shave Ice resembles fluffy snow in texture, while Snow Cones are a
little more granular.

I once wrote that to make either treat you'd have use a commercial machine,
because the $10 home machines on the market were completely unusable. I have
since found an excellent source for machines that work very well in the
home, as well as very good flavor syrups at reasonable prices:

www.hawaiianshavedice.com (1-800-742-8334)



 Their motorized "Hawaiice" snow cone machine uses ordinary ice cubes,

their shaved ice machines create fluffier "snow" from specially-shaped blocks of ice you

 freeze in molds. The $59 (usually on sale for $39) snow cone machine works like a dream - it
doesn't even need regular cleaning (all it ever gets on it is water, and it
is built so the water evaporates quickly).

Restaurant-supply stores usually carry flavor syrup (intended for soft
drinks) in at least lemon, cherry and strawberry flavors. Here is a simple
syrup that works for flavoring your own ice, no matter how you crush it:


2 cups sugar
¾ cup water
1 pkg unsweetened Kool-Aid®

Bring sugar and water to a full boil.
Remove from heat and stir in Kool-Aid®
Chill. Pour onto scoops of crushed ice.


Reprinted here with permission of Wayne Keyser From the CD Rom "On the Midway"


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