You really can't do justice to kebabs without a charcoal grill. The first (of many many) afghan kebab restaurants in my area went so far as to rig up makeshift grills with hand-held industrial blowers for that authentic flavor you can do it every bit as well with your backyard grill!


1 pound beef steak, chicken or lamb, sliced bite-size 

1 medium tomato, in small chunks

1 medium onion, cut in half and each half quartered

1 small green pepper cut bite-size

Dust meat and vegetables with salt and pepper and (except shrimp) a very light dusting of cumin.


 Heat cast-iron skillet very hot. Add vegetables. Sear and toss 2-3 minutes, then remove to a serving bowl. Re-heat pan, but do not clean. Add meat and cook until well done, then remove to a separate serving bowl. Douse pan with a glass of water for easier cleaning later. Fajitas are similar to kebabs, but cut smaller - grill or quick-fry in a hot iron skillet. Serve with corn tortillas with garnishes.




Some fairs feature "Chicken On a Stick", which is just boneless chicken breast cut bite-size, threaded on skewers like the Kebabs above. Marinate in your choice of marinade (or not) - bottled Italian dressing (not the "low-fat" kind) is one easy option -  or shake on some mild seasoning (or not) and charcoal-grill until the meat doesn't feel "mushy".


You can use skewers to grill cubes of lamb, beef or chicken, plus tomato, green pepper and/or onion. Metal skewers work best under such intense heat. Alternatively, soak wooden skewers in water for an hour to prevent burning, then thread the meat onto the skewers. Cook until just barely done (residual heat will finish the job) - you'll just have to get a feel for the timing yourself. The charcoal flavor alone makes the food delicious, and there are many recipes for marinating the chicken. Serve over rice, or with fresh, hot pita bread.


Reprinted here with permission of Wayne Keyser From the CDRom "On the Midway"


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