This won't give you the shoestring style you get at Fast Food Stops,

but the best hearty steak fries you've ever ate and practically fat-free, too!



Enough Russet or Yukon Gold baking potatoes (at least one large per person) Corn Oil Salt


Leave skin on potatoes but cut out any roots. Cut in half lengthwise, then cut each half lengthwise into 2 or 3 sections. Alternatively, quarter small new redskin potatoes.


 Microwave with a small amount of water until almost done (just soft but not mushy).


Heat deep oil in a sturdy pot to 375-400. Be sure to use a large pot and fill no more than halfway with oil. Put microwaved potatoes into oil a few at a time; do not overcrowd the pot and wait for the oil to stop foaming before adding more (when deep frying, oil will bubble and even threaten to "boil over" until the food's coating of water has cooked off; avoid letting the oil bubble over the edge of the pot unless you like kitchen fires). Fry each batch until lightly browned, then remove with a slotted spoon or similar tool and drain on paper towels as next batch cooks. You may find that you need to wait between batches as the oil reheats.


Salt, serve and accept the compliments.


After cooking, be sure to set the pot of hot oil far to the back of the stove, where it is less likely to be knocked over an accident would be quite dangerous.


This technique also works with sweet potatoes, though they are significantly harder to cut.



 Reprinted here with permission of Wayne Keyser From the CDRom "On the Midway"


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