The World Circus Sideshow on Surf Avenue, operated by “Professor” Samuel Wagner. Among his talent was Henry Bulson (sometimes Harry Bulsom) or, as he was better known, Spider Boy.


Bulson, the Spider-Boy, could only walk on all fours, but was said to be able to leap around with an uncanny agility.


His back story was even more marvelous. One had him being bullied at school and retreating to the wilds of New Jersey, where he swung on vines like Tarzan and set traps for local game. Another had him in jail before escaping through a narrow window with his abilities.


All of the sideshow attractions had these weird, deep back stories; they all had bizarre secret origins.


The Professor would also tell the story that Spider Boy was once in love with a showgirl and they were married. But it didn’t last and Henry searched the crowds for her face ever since. For “The Professor,” his Spider Boy had to be single to be interesting to crowds.





For the 35th time in ten years Mrs. Alice Mary Bulson has left her husband,  Henry Bulson, known professionally as the "Spider Boy".


Bulson, who is paralyzed from the waist down, developed a powerful torso and became a vaudeville artist.


He can walk a mile on his hands and can pull a car weighing 31 cwt. with his teeth.


Mrs. Bulson told a New York court that during an argument her husband bit her on the leg.





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