In the Freak House.


Note - hear the grand lectures that will be delivered at regular intervals, showing how these great wonders have been brought into a state of irresistibility, tranquility and trubecility.


Here's a Phenomenon - very rare:


THE BIG FAT MAN - a Swell Affair!

He ate dried apples, - drank ginger pop!

He's swelling daily and cannot stop!



Who used H. O. then H. O. him

Gets five, dollars per, as a grocery clerk,

And has com to this state through overwork;



From the Bowery he originally sprang!

Used self-raising floor-got out in the wet.

And I'm blest, if he isn't growing yet!


THE S. S. S. Whiskerino now. THE BEARDED LADY

makes her bow!  She used cologne in the dark alone.

Mistook the bottle, and now she's grown

A Hackensack epos of the hay seed kind!

Which blows about in each wintry wind:

Speaks Philippine, and low-down Dutch -

You may take a look - but you musn't touch!


THE DOG-FACED BOY -- he doesn't bite!

Don't get too near, by or he might!

Chewed trunks off trees in Central Park.

Which accounts for his grocery-yallery bark!


THE ALBINO LADY you'll find up here.

Who bleached her hair, and looks quite queer!

She fouled a multi po-la machine

And her hair sticks out, like a prickly bean!



Thursday, Friday and Saturday, May 22, 23 and 24 1902




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