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Ward Hall's

First Carnival Sideshow Part 1

The series is based on a Lane Talburt interview with the King of the American sideshow on July 20 at the conclusion of the Circus Historical Society in Peru, Indiana.  During the late-night interview at the Circus Historical Society convention, Ward provided colorful details of his first experiences as a carnival sideshow operator in 1948.  


It's vintage interview material from the King of the American sideshow presents the small American carnival, warts an all, in the eloquently spoken words of the masterful dean of the bally platform.


Ward  takes us back to 1948 and a small, six-ride, six-show carnival in Kansas in this first of a three-part YouTube series.


The first carnival sideshow operated by Ward and his late partner, Harry Leonard, but owned by Ma and Pa Freer of Freer's United Shows.


Ward recently turned 83.  But his descriptions of the attractions and personnel on this little carnival make it seem like his first set-up in Leavenworth happened only yesterday.


This is vintage Ward Hall:


Video courtesy of Lane Talburt


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