NEW YORK CITY, Hugo Zacchini is shown during the preliminary stages of dressing for his part as a human projectile.  He is donning a special coverall of calfskin with boots of the same material.  He also wares a protective mask, as shown in the  picture.


Wide World Photos Oct. 6 1940



NEW YOlk CITY, A pictorial diagram showing the working operations of the Zachini "Big Bertha," which can be used for single or double jumps and which has thrilled thousands at the World's Fair of 1940.  The cannon cutaway shows how the shells are "primed" for a dual jump.  It the inset are outlined the trajectories of the two jumpers and the distance of the safety net from the gun mount.


Wide World Photos Oct. 9 1940



Hugo Zacchini - Human Projectile

Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Combined Circus


Human Canon Ball Hugo Zacchini

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