The Maine Iceman: Crypto-Gaff For A Good Cause


The International Cryptozoology Museum, in its continuing effort to reach creative, intelligent, diverse populations via its educational and scientific mission, and to be a good community partner, has agreed to create a “cryptofakes” display as a “carnival sideshow” for the charity benefit of a local low-income resource center. This exhibition will appear, first, during an upcoming event in early May 2010.



The ICM has learned, early on, that much can be shared through the fun and critical thinking exercise of displaying “carnival gaffs,” for a few such taxidermy items try to overlap with the cryptozoological theme of our museum. I have utilized them in the past to let people know these objects are often shown as “almost real” specimens.




Most honest sideshow owners displaying such gaffs often merely only ask “What is It?” or “Is it Real?” But slowly the drift has been for people to present these items as cryptozoological, from “unknown animals.” For cryptozoologists, we need to be aware of this trend, and go beyond it. But we cannot overcome such trends by ignoring gaffs. Partially embracing them and using them as learning tools is important. The trick with gaffs, however, is to not let them rule you.




During this forthcoming 2010 event, besides exhibiting the FeeJee Mermaid and various carnival gaffs (e.g. the strange “Skull of Bigfoot,” the horrible “Hair of a Yukon Sasquatch,” the world’s first replica of the “Montauk Monster,” the popular “Jackalope,”





he unbelievable “Fur-Bearing Trout,” the ancient “Jenny Hanvier,” and the wondrous “Wolpertinger”), we will be introducing to the world a new “cryptogaff.”



We predict our new exhibition will become world-famous, in a few years,  if not sooner. It has been named, for now, the “Maine Iceman.” Perhaps it should be called the “Maine Pendek”? Or “Maine’s Missing Link”? In this business, you have to be flexible. 



This newly constructed five-foot-tall version of the “Minnesota Iceman” (an unknown hairy hominid) will be shown for the first time ever on Friday, May 7th, 2010, from 8 PM to 1 AM, at the Port City Music Hall, Portland, Maine, during the “Sanctuary Tattooʼs 10th Anniversary Blowout Bash.”


The ICM was invited to the event by the enchanted maiden, Carrie-anne Vinette, on behalf of the Sanctuary Tattoo folks. We thank her for thinking of us. Photo by the Green Hand’s Michelle Souliere.



The Maine Iceman then will move into the permanent collection of the International Cryptozoology Museum.



The construction of this sideshow art will be due, in large part, to the creative volunteer work of local artists Sarah McCann and Erin Ellis, with the cooperative efforts of docent coordinator Jeff Meuse. The overall consultation of yours truly, Loren Coleman, who examined the 1969 version of the Minnesota Iceman for Ivan T. Sanderson and Bernarnd Heuvelmans, will be involved in this creation and adventure, too. Futhermore, a new sideshow banner is being brought from imagination to reality for this exhibition (more details on that, soon). Read More




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