When You Really Stop to Consider It!


When you really stop to consider it, the show front, banners, talker, canned pitch, lighting, and even the type of music played, all combine to pull in the tip. Price also is a factor, as can be the lure of a nice dry top on a rainy day. But once they are inside, quality of the show -whether all gaffs, all live, or a balanced combination-decides if they are going to feel they got their money's worth, and whether they send their friends or stand outside bitching that it's a rip-off. Then, it can be great displays, framed and maintained  beautifully, and if the ground is wet or rocky, infested with fire ants, overgrown with grass, or whatever, they won't be able to enjoy the show. Cables or water hoses criss-crossing inside the show -whether yours or someone else's, detract from the overall experience too, as does excess noise from neighboring rides and shows.


The enthusiasm and professionalism 'or lack thereof' of the owner and operators also can make or break the show.

Like any business, all factors play a role in whether the show is a big success or a flop. We can spend months and lots of bandwidth, discussing certain points to a show, and yet each is just a part of the overall big picture. Even the money is just one aspect. Huge piles of money can buy you Michael Jackson's Neverland, but you need to run it right to keep it successful.



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