the Right Price for a Single'O?


the only known photograph of the Atomic Fish in the wild, what's it worth to see???


I got a mer and an atomic fish...I use the atomic fish when it's all men and the mer as a whatisit? for other groups.


I've seen dings mentioned from $0.25 to $5.00 for various sideshow acts.  Is there a consensus as to the right price for a single'o?




It's hard to know what the right price would be; I think that would vary with location. In New York City or San Francisco, a quarter is a joke.


In Maine, people think hard about whether they want to spend a whole quarter all at once.


Doug Higley has some great ideas about pricing in his grind show notes.


The other thing to look at is whether there are any other attractions, and what are they charging. Maybe if the family doesn't want to see the World's Largest Wombat across the midway at $3, they will look at your Atomic Fish for $1.50. Of course, you have a kid's price, and for the next few minutes, everyone's a kid again!


Here in Maine, I have charged $2 for the Feejee Mermaid show, $1 for kids. At a flea market, I let people talk me down to $1 if it seems important to them. People at flea markets love that feeling of victory at landing a bargain! Of course, we have souvenir mermaid cards and other items for sale, and once they have a good time at the show, they wind up buying other things...


                                                                                                                                         Paul Szauter


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