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I got a mer and an atomic fish...I use the atomic fish when it's all men and the mer as a whatisit? for other groups.


I've seen dings mentioned from $0.25 to $5.00 for various sideshow acts.  Is there a consensus as to the right price for a single'o?


I'm not familiar with what your attractions are.  The price for a single O depends on how strong is the attraction, how dynamic is the front, and of course the location. If you had a real live adult two headed girl behind a factory built and best professional painting, in a prominent location at a fair like Dallas, TX.  you could get five or ten dollars.  If it is a giant rat behind one or two homemade banners, and no sound, in a poor location at even a big fair I would guess it wouldn't  attract many customers even if it was only a dime..     

 If you have access to some of the books that show various grind shows it will give you a better Idea of what I mean..  It is very hard to judge. 

One way is to play with the price.  Try  different prices at different times of the day to see what works  best for you.    At one time Chris and I had a show with a live two headed adult beautiful girl  (illusion, that was perfect)  framed in a forty foot semi with a solid front 60 feet long and 26 feet high, with painting by Bill Browning.  This was in the mid '70s.  It cost us 45000.00 dollars (a lot of money in those days).  We had excellent locations at big fairs.  It didn't' get enough money to pay the ticket seller.  After a few weeks we sent it back to winterquarters and forgot about it. 

We had so many shows at that time we didn't have the time to make corrections.  

Studying the photos there were three very obvious mistakes with the front, which I didn't realize at the time.  

Ten year earlier a German lady had the same attraction framed on a rather unattractive Wells Cargo trailer. 

We were on the same midway.  I had the 10 in one, and on a good day  if I grossed a thousand dollars, she would gross fifteen hundred.  That's what gave me the inspiration, but I didn't do it right..

The baby show that was managed at times by Mephisto, was the most profitable grind show Chris and I ever had. 

It had a beautiful 7 banner, 80 foot front, and the exhibit was 22 real, human (not Bouncers)  It only required two people to operate it at the biggest state fairs. 
Fred (Meph) was a very good manager.  He always did a great job as manager or performer...... If it was so good why don't we still have it.  Well, friends that is another - long- story.    

One last comment.  Don't use cheap sound.  Sound and a good grind makes a 100% difference.  

Most grind shows I encounter have poor quality sound. 

Remember, most places you work  are noisy and your sound must be clear and distinct so they don't just hear it, but listened to it and understand every word. 

My best wishes for your success. 

The business can use more shows out there.  

Cordially,  Ward Hall



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