The Sideshow Taker Works with a Formula

The sideshow talker works with a formula,

Something an inside lecturer with an audience doesn't have to do, especially if he isn't
depending on selling enough cheap tickets to live on his percentage.

1: Do something spectacular to attract and stop the tip.

2: Get something started that is interesting enough to freeze the tip.

3: Keep doing things to interest the tip long enough to make the opening. 
(On a midway there are a thousand things happening to distract the tip from you)

4: Bring the bally to its climax as you make the close. 

5: Crack the price

(If they are tough, make a jam opening) 

6: Direct the ticket sale.

(Show them where go)

If the bally is successful your ticket seller will make sales for a few minutes, while you do the grind. 

As soon as the sales wane (or God forbid you blank),

You immediately start the next bally, and do it all over again. 

A well operated show will do hopefully, six ballys and hour. 

The talkers and the bally performers work one hour on and one hour off.  We usually try to have three talkers so they can work one hour on and two off. 


That gives enough time off to refresh relax and hit the bally hard for the week your on. 

Cordially,  Ward Hall



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