Beating the Heat???


Just wondering what some of the Fairs, and Shows, did to Beat the Heat in the recent heat wave.

I've seen a lawn sprinkler on top of a metal building, to cool the inside... Any other wacky things or stuff
that worked???

D. James

Good tip re the website, Doc. We AC & vent the trailers for the animals but us mere humans sit outside in the heat & suffer.

Beach umbrellas help.

Wal-Mart sells an inexpensive misting nozzle that screws onto the end of a garden hose.

These misters, by themselves, make a big difference. When combined with a fan on low speed, it turns a miserably hot work station into a pleasant oasis.

Pete K.

Home Depot Sells The Arizona Mist, for About $15.  Its 10 Ft. Long I've Used It For My Tigers With Fans! It Last The Longest Out Of All The Misters, I've Tried Dozens, even Made My Own, And Most Clog Up And/or Fall Apart In A Week Or So! you Can Clip Them Around Your Umbrella On The Box And It Drops The Temp.


About 15 Degrees!

Tammy W. S.


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