Most any fair you will have an inspection from the fire dept. You will be required to have a tent made of flame resistant material. (Most are vinyl these days. It's cheaper and easier for several reasons than canvas). 


You will need a certificate, which will be provided by the manufacturer on request at no charge.


Some put a patch in the inside of the top that has the manufacturer name, and number of their fire resistant material.. You probably would not be allowed to admit the public before the inspection and a permit issued. There is usually a fee for the permit. We haven't played a spot in years that we didn't get inspected and paid for the permit. One spot we paid the fair forty five dollars for the fire marshals inspection.  Also be sure to have several large fire extinguishers in various prominent positions. Be sure they are in working order.


Also required are electric lighted exit signs, (even if the front of the show is wide open,) which have batteries so the sign automatically illuminates if there is a power failure.


Some inspectors are nice people. I find the picky ones are usually either young people (being very efficient) or females who enjoy harassing their authority.  I don't want to try to worry you, but it's easier to comply with the rules.


The fire inspection is not bad if you have the show properly outfitted. But oh my gosh the electric inspectors will put you through the wringer. We have had a couple experiences when we had spent a lot of money to comply and then at the next fair, new inspectors decide what was done for the previous spot was wrong and so we had to change it, which cost another couple thousand dollars.. Before you start buying electric equip, find a carnival electrician to list what you need to do and the parts. That can save you a lot of money in the long run,


Always remember the magic words: "MAKE MONEY". No matter how wonderful your show is, it is only wonderful if! it makes you a good living and more.

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