The Great Jimmy Dixon----
 starts with a little top hat at his feet!

Stating "I'm going to produce a live rabbit out of my Hat!"
(Building a tip!)


Well- How many of you know how I did it? Hold your hands up.

How many of you don't know how I did it? Hold your hands up.

How many of you don't care how I did it as long as you get some

of the FREE gifts? Hold your hands up. that's what I figured, I

have been to (The town you are in) before!

Have you ever watched programs like lets make a Deal, The

price is Right- Jokers wild? They pass out a lot of merchandise

on T.V. to advertise. so those of you in the back push down here.

They always use pretty girls like Vanna White- Barbara's

Beauties, and we are not any different, we have a beautiful young

Lady- and her name is G.G. Would you want to come up a little

closer? Please give G.G. a nice hand! Now G.G. is going to pass

out some nice gifts. G.G. would you please want to put some of

those knife's up?

 I always start with the little juice machine. If you want to get one

of these hold your hands up! They are FREE! Now it doesnít cost

you nothing. We have LOTS of surprises, gifts over here. Have

one. Over there have one. You to up front have two! One over

here- one of them over there. Who knows how to use them? Put

them in a lemon, an orange or grapefruit. It's the greatest thing

since the can opener. Don't try them in a watermelon unless you

are superman- You can't squeeze a watermelon. Here have

some telephone clip on pens. Any of you watch Monty Hall on

let's make a Deal? First person that can show me a driver's

license or a S.S. card I will give you the telephone clip on pen.

You got to be quick- Got to be first! The lady over there?

Now do you realize I just saved you 19.95- What are you going

to say to me? You are welcome- I will give these to somebody

who can show me a 1.00 bill. Got to be quick- I have to do this for

an Adult. I just saved you 19.00 bucks, what are you going to say

to me? I'll make you all say thank you! Now wait a minute- How

many of you never got one of these- right here before? Never got

one of these? Alright real quick I have a little mystery gift. I want to

find out what kind of people are watching the show? So to do that

I am going to sell this for a nickel. Now you don't know what it is-

but whoever takes this home is going to say thank you! And the

rest of you are going to be jealous. How many of you that don't

care what's in the box would give me a nickel for it? 
See everybody here- that man's trying to tribe me. Look at that! Now

wait a minute, wait a minute. Hold your dollar, hold your nickel.

Actually I want one adult to try to prove a point. But it is going to

take a little nerve. Now understand I won't charge anymore than

a nickel. But I want an adult to reach into your pocket, your purse

or wherever you keep your money- I want you to take out a 5.00

bill and for no other reason then I ask you- I want you to pass it

up to me. I got a reason for doing this- oh anyone else- did you

see that-He's still a sport! Did you see that for a nickel I had a lot

of sports- but for 5.00 bucks now-there the real sport! What I

wanted to show you that is a test market-This is the tenth year

we have been coming here- we don't pick you-you pick

yourselves. In other words if you wouldn't have passed it up, it

would have been yours! Young man right there is going to take

home this beautiful match set of 14 caret gold magic writer pen

and pencil set. I'm going to gift wrap those foe you. Green is my

favorite color- How about yours? I will pay the nickel- What I

wanted is two words what are the two words? I will make you all

say thank you!

Let me do these real quick- now I don't have enough of these

for everybody-so I am just going to do it for the people over 18.

Only one to a couple. Hand me that would you? So just one to a

couple. If you never got one of these before. Hold your hands up

in the air! I will put one down for you- alright your number one-

you are number 2, you number 3, number 4, you are number 5,

number 6, number 7, number 8, number 9-number 10,11,12,13

over there! Your number 14,15,16.17,18 over there 19 there 20

over there- any body else now? Has everybody got a number?

You sir are 21! Don't forget that you are 21! In a minute when I

ask you your number you are 21- Is that it? Alright- do you 21

people all remember your numbers? Let me hear them? Do you

remember your numbers, yes or no- because from here on out

what FREE things I pass out- if I pass out more of the magic pen

sets- or buy other gifts- It's just for you 21 people! How many of

you think that is only fair? About 21 people! It usually works out

that way! Now I want everyone to back up just a little bit from the

stage. Alright I want just the people with the numbers and the

people you have with to come down in front- Real close!!

 Right down in front- the rest of you don't have to leave- I will try

to make this- but it's only going to be possible for the 21 people

with numbers, so everyone move in real close. Now I was just

kidding when I said I only have one of those magic writers.

Actually we have enough of those pens for everybody who has

numbers- But real quick I didn't tell you what was in this box- I did

that on purpose- But if it turns out to something nice would you

say thank you?

 What it is an boy? How many of you can use a boy? Go get all

the boxes you can find- we have the right group here. Now wait-

wait a minute- How many of you that do a little traveling can use

a nice overnight bag? Alright I have some overnight bags. These

are the overnight bags- I didn't say same night I said overnight.

Now these are for the test market. So if you get one open it right

up, and the tickets for the door prize- So don't lose those! Now

how many of you are dying to know what's inside this box?

Besides # 21 there? Now real quick- to show what my company

does-we test market merchandise for T.V. commercials and this

year we are test marketing these pens because they are special-

they are very neat! And to do that I said we were going to liquidate

some things you have already seen on T.V. real cheap- so we

found the most popular items the manufacturers made us a

special deal to have us test market those pens. How many of

you have seen the knife- that cuts nails, tin cans, bolts and cuts

tomatoes so thin you can see right through them? Surgical

stainless steal! How many of you have seen them on T.V? How

much do they sell for? 19.95 sure! Who can use one for a nickel?

Who can use one for a quarter? Who can use one for one dollar?

Who can use one for 200.00 dollars? Hold your hands up. Forget

200 dollars- forget 19.95 they sell on T.V. -forget 15- forget even

10 dollars-my job is to test market these folks- If they didn't care

who took home the 19.95 knifes-the magic writer pens-the

stick-on pens-they wouldn't pay me to stand up and do

commercials. They would just put them in a pile. I am sure

somebody would take them home? I am going to separate my

crowd! One more time-the people who are going to take home

not only the knife-bonus merchandise as well-from the people

who just want something for nothing-and we have our way of

finding out? A moment ago I said for 19.95 forget-even 10 dollars

I am going to ask you to do something for me? I am going to ask

you to reach into your pockets, your purse, the tip of your nose.

Where ever you keep your money-would you take out a 5.00 bill

and hold it in your hand-if you have 5 ones hold that- If you got a

10 or 20 hold that in your hands- now I am going to come around

and ask you what your number is and thatís for the survey. I am

going to collect the cash of 5.00 dollars from you and going to

hand you one of these bags- now the people who are holding

these bags, in just a moment if you don't say thank you- I am

going to call you the strangest person at the fair! Now we don't

pick you-you pick yourself! So if you have use of the knife and the

other things hold that cash of 5.00 dollars up-I am going to find

out now in my own way? What's your # back there young man?

What's your number? We will start here number 8 is that your #

sir? Number 9 you in the back push your way down here-what's

your # sir? Now if you need change, we will make change.

Number 1 is in- now that's a ten I will get you some change.

what's your #? # 3 is in! Your number please?

12?- Is that it now? OK anybody else now? OK let me show you

how this works? We gave out 21 numbers a moment ago. And

this represents 21 people. Alright watch- let's check-alright there

is 21 people represented here- I have a feeling its going to be a

little short? 1,2,3,4,5 that one person 2,3,4,5 there is 6,7,8 there

is 9 there 10, there 11, there 12, 13,-12345 thatís 14 and 12345

and that makes a total of 15 people.

Would you 15 people who not only have the 19.95 knife

coming-and some things I haven't told you about hold your

hands in a moment of silence for those people who just passed

away at the thought of parting with 5.00 dollars. They didn't pass

away they changed there minds. I am going to make them wish

they changed their socks- But first things first- young man keep

your eyes on all the money- everyone else keep your eyes on

him- now so no one can say they didn't have an equal chance

when you see what I do- I'm holding one of these bags and have

use for one of these knifes- and the only other place I know you

can get those are on T.V. They sell millions of them every year.

20 bucks because it is a good knife. They have been on year

after year so you know it's good- just pass up 5 and I will still

count you in - real quick does someone anybody? NO? I don't

count but I do offer. OK the fortree is simple- nobody else can

have one now not for a nickel, not a dime, not 5 dollars not 100

dollars not say for any price. We're talking just 5 people- Now

real quick before I do what I am about to do- just as I give some

people a chance to get in- you people that are in- I always give

you people a chance to change your mind- and if you do I won't

be mad at you-because I don't want you to be mad at me. Now

this far- for the cash of 5.00 what we bartered for is the knife, the

box, the quarter see and a bonus I haven't shown you. Am I not

right? If I do more then that what is the two words you are going

to say to me? In just a minute you are going say thank you- and

now on that basis If there are anyone that want to change there

mind- or if there is any body trying to get something for nothing-

that's alright- hold your bag up- I will cancel your number- collect

your bag and of course hand you back your 5 dollars. You might

need it later on for gas, rent, groceries for the kids or something

else? I won't get personal! You all have use for the knife? You

want to change your hand? No of course not. In other words you

are all satisfied? That is what I was asking- So at this point who

does the 15 knifes belong to? You people. You can use them in

your kitchen- give them as a gift. They are yours! The knifes are

yours! Who does the money belong too? Why you? I am doing

the work here! Now ladies and gentleman it doesn't belong to

me either. It belongs to my company. But just as you can do

anything with your knife- I can do anything I want with the money!

I can take all this money walk over to this young man and rip it

up. But don't get nervous I am not going to do that. I can fold it in

half give it to these kids to go to the carnival! But they won't let me

do that either. How many of you folks send for rebates? How

long does it take? 6 or 8 weeks? You might call this a instant

cash rebate. I am going to try to spend it back with you 15

people. How many of you think that's a good idea? Sure! 15

people! I have to change this into 5's, so when I am doing that-

everyone that has a knife coming if you will hold your bag up?

G.G. is going to go ahead and pass the knifes out now! Alright

those knifes have a life time guarantee. If it ever gets dull don't try

to sharpen it! The company will replace it absolutely FREE! And if

you ever damage it- even if it is your fault, if you drop it in the

dishwater, throw it in the street, run a bull dozer over it- They still

will replace it free. That a pretty good guarantee! Alright now-

They are very sharp- When you take them out be very careful.

OK does everyone have those knifes now? Alright I got to do a

couple of real quick commercials. I showed you these a moment

ago? I mentioned we were test marketing! they will be available

around Christmas on T.V. and they are the magic writer pen and

pencil set. How many of you can use a set of these? How many

of you can use a telephone stick on pen? How many of you

watch the Godfather on T.V.? Remember he says I am going to

make you a deal you can't refuse? To show our appreciation to

you people my company has a special 20.00 dollar package.

The only people eligible are you people with those knifes and

nobody else. I am authorized to include a second telephone pen.

The magic writer pen and pencil set. How many of you watch the

Godfather on T.V. doesn't he say I am going to make you a deal

you can't refuse to show our appreciation to you people- my

company has a special 20.00 dollar package! But the only

people eligible are you people with the knifes. I am authorized to

include this second telephone clip on pen. The pen and pencil

set! Going to put in the guarantee's! I said I'll try to spend back

the cash of 5.00 you paid for the knife with? I am going to put that

in there too. Now not counting the 20 dollar knife you are already

holding-not counting the 5 dollars, that's over 40 dollars in

merchandise- for those of you that are eligible is you pass me

up 20.00 dollars. I will hand you everything you see including the

money-and keep your bag open because I have another surprise

for you. Now you can use your rebate to help you pay for it! Take 5

and your 5 rebate? 10 and 10 make 20! Either way you get over

40.00 dollars in merchandise! Now the only people eligible are

you people with those knifes. So G.G. if you will make those up

for me we will pass these out real quick! Hold up your cash- You

have a 20 bill now so you 40 dollars in merchandise- Do you

understand you have spent a total of 20 dollars? If I give you a

little more it won't make you mad will it? I have a surprise for you.

Alright where are we at? The young lady there you have all that

for only 20 dollars! I do not want to confuse you! You are

spending 20 not 5 dollars! Anyone else that is eligible? Tear one

ticket off your bag- G.G. is going to run and collect your tickets!

We need a special kid? We need a kid that never told a lie in his

life? Alright OK has everyone turned in one ticket now? Reach

out- How many of you had a little fun? How many of think that's a

good deal? How many poor folks do we have here? You notice

my hands went up first! I got a mystery here, How many of you

here had enough fun to spend 1.00 dollar 4 quarters 10 dimes-

take one dollar out of your pocket. G.G. will run around and

collect them. You don't know what you are going to get for this

dollar. Alright it might be something good it might be something

bad. It might be the best dollar you spent all day. Magic mouse

OK who is holding a ticket number? OK everyone hold on to your

tickets. That was a practice drawing! No! You won fare and

square. You won, you won don't get nervous wait a minute- YOU

CAN HAVE WHAT IS IN THE BOX ? You pick the box? You can't

have my girlfriend's underwear! They belong to my girlfriend! She

said If I don't bring them home I am in big trouble! And believe

me they fit! (GIANT PAIR OF UNDERWEAR) Now, gang you've

been a fine group! If you have any questions I will be glad to

answer them for you. Show the pens to your friends! That is why

we are here! And we will be back next year ....................... 



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