What a great group of images from the James Zajicek sideshow museum at the Utah State Fair!


Like Jim, I'd like to thank John for sharing those wonderful shots with us on Sideshow World.


It has been several years since I met Jim and visited his sideshow while in California with the Sterling & Reed Circus.  I must say that I can easily see the many hours of hard work and the great expense to which he has gone to create this attraction.


It is a benefit to all of us in the business when a show like Jim's is out and working.  It looks great, has wonderful exhibits housed in attractive display cases, delivers what is promised on the outside, and as a bonus, a live performance by nicely costumed professional entertainers.


I know how expensive it is to frame a nice show like Jim's, as we are currently working on our own museum.  It is important for those who go out these days to keep up a high standard, as most fairs, and also carnival companies just don't care if they have a sideshow or not.


I commend Jim Zajicek on the great job he has done in presenting a first class attraction which creates a higher standard to be met by those who wish to stay and compete in this unique form of show business.


Jeff Murray, Harmer Shows

Photograph by Shawnee Robinson, copyright 2007 all rights reserved.

Jim Zajicek visiting with John Robinson in the ticket box.


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