To those that Care about the Future of the Barnum Museum


by Johnny Rizzo on Tuesday, October 5, 2010 at 8:04pm


The people in charge of the Barnum Museum, the Crown Jewel in the city of Bridgeport, are once again crying for support and money to repair millions of dollars in damage from recent storm. I have proposed to them, over and again, a Sideshow performance with Professional acts from Coney Island and the like.


The response I got had to be one of the most inane and downright outrageous answers I ever received in all the years that I have been in show business. Are you ready?


"Oh, we don't think we would like to do that, because we are trying to "play down" the fact that Barnum exhibited "freaks", and other strange and unusual people. Have they taken a walk through the mall lately? Young people are walking around with dowels in their ears, bones through their noses, piercings all over, and multicolored hair! 


Instead of exhibits that feature this part of his legacy, they have furniture and clothes that belonged to Barnum. I'm sure the young people want to see that! I can bring in a great program, with my own labor and time, featuring a wild night of fantastic acts, but they refuse again and again! Then they have the gall to beg for help and financial support! As much as I love Barnum and his legacy, I refuse to contribute a penny and I have dropped my membership. If anyone would like to back me, and/or help me with a theater or showroom, I would very happy to hear from you.


We shouldn't let our precious museum become a victim of political correctness and historical revisionism. Do you think the great showman would beg for money? He would say, " Lets put on an amazing show."


Thanks for your time on this. I can be reached at 203-257-2437.



Johnny Rizzo


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