Freak Show Exhibit Seized


GIBSONTON, Fla. (AP)  - Thirteen unborn babies and embryos found floating in jars of formaldehyde were seized late Thursday from a carnival man's back yard, authorities said today,


The jars were wrapped in newspapers and stored in wooden and metal boxes behind the home of Ward Hall, identified as part owner of the World Fair Freak Show that two weeks ago was barred in Illinois from displaying the corpses of 20 babies and fetuses as part of a carnival sideshow.


Hillsborough County Sheriff's Major Walter Heinzich said detectives were trying to locate Hall for questioning, but he apparently has been on the road with a carnival show.  It was not immediately known where Hall's show was playing today or whether he was with his own show or another one.


The investigation was kicked off when Hall's partner, Chris Michael Christ, 29. also from the carnival town of Gibsonton near Tampa, was arrested by Lake County, Ill., authorities on charges of illegal disposition of bodies.  He was scheduled to appear Aug. 15 in circuit court in Illinois.


OCALA STAR-BANNER - Friday Aug. 12,1977 - Ocala Florida



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In Case You're Not Familiar!


For several years we operated a Freak Baby Show with 20 real human pickled punks. It was very well received by the public, and was very lucrative, requiring only two people to operate.


On July 17, 1977 at Grayslake, Illinois the show was raided by a platoon of police. They confiscated the punks, and arrested my partner C M Christ on charges of illegal possession of human remains (not a licensed mortician in the state and county, and illegal transportation was a second charge.


In Case You're Not Familiar!


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