"American Horror Story Circus"

Season 4 Teaser Surfaces. Is It Real?


I think we smell a hoax here—or is it just elephant dung?  Some sleuths have spotted a few creepy images floating around the Web purportedly promoting a Big Top-themed Season Four of American Horror Story.  


After an alleged teaser trailer was posted to Horrorbid, the (possibly fake) promos are starting to go viral.


Could the next American Horror Story be set in a circus sideshow? Will Evan Peters play a demonically possessed sword-swallower?  Will Jessica Lange and Angela Bassett play nefarious Siamese twins?  Will Kathy Bates play the bearded lady?


AHS fans were quick to connect the images with Fiona Goode’s proclamation that “life is a carnival” from earlier this season, and would jibe with an interview with Ryan Murphy in which he professed his love for Tod Browning’s Freaks.


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