Scott McClelland, a.k.a. Nikolai Diablo, will be featured in the Carnival

Diablo  freak show as part of the SuperEx fun, which starts on Aug. 19.


SuperEx set for Farewell

Final run at Lansdowne Park kicks off next week

Like a great rock band, SuperEx is back for one final encore before pulling up stakes and moving on after 122 years at Lansdowne Park.

And organizers hope this encore leaves fans breathless.

From Aug. 19-29, the event some love to hate has packed its days and nights with the tried and true, but also the new and unusual as it readies to move to land on Albion Rd. in 2011.


"We're going out with a bang," said spokeswoman Rebecca Crow.  "New this year is Savage Theatre, Bowmanville Zoo is bringing that in to tell how animals and humans have related to each other over time. We also have the Pioneer Gathering living on site the entire run of the SuperEx.  They'll be living, eating, working and sleeping here every single day."

Visitors will be encouraged to talk to them to learn what it's like t live without any of the comforts of home.

Of course, the Free Concert Series will provide a chance for visitors to poof up their hair and throw on some shoulder pads to welcome '80s stalwarts Helix and Honeymoon Suite and '70s rockers The Stampeders and Ottawa's 5 Man Electrical Band.  Other locale include Gail Gavan and Louis Schryer and Eddie and the Stingrays.


The event will also offer a high-flying stunt show with motorcross and BMX bikes, the spins, sights and sounds of the midway, acrobats, the macabre Carnival Diablo Freak Show, and more.

Former CTV Ottawa anchor Max Keeping will preside over an apple pie-eating contest.  He said that for many disadvantaged kids, SuperEx is their Disney.  And all things considered, it's not such  a bad alternative.


"I love the Ex. I'l be sad to see it leave here.  On a serous note, there's a lot of people living in the city who can't afford to go to (Canada's) Wonderland, who will never get to Disney.  For them, this is their summer holiday.  But for all of us who live here. I think we should just relax, come down and enjoy it. I do every year."

The grounds will be open form 11:30 a.m. to midnight every day except Aug. 29, when SuperEx closes for the year at 9 p.m.

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Article by Scott Taylor Sun Media Canada


Article submitted by Scott McClelland

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