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Well balanced program offered by Fernandez - wind and rain mar opening HONOLULU, Dec. 27th - High winds and intermittent showers marred the opening of the E. K. Fernandez Circus here December 8, but show was destined to pile up some good business before it ends its four-week run and moves on to other dates on the Islands.  Local engagement is under auspices of the Honolulu  Fire Department Widows' and Orphans Fund.

Fernandez is offering a strong and well-balanced three-ring performance, with the line-up of talent.  Show claims a seating capacity of 3,500.  Prices are $1.20 and $2.40.

Merritt Belew is  equestrian director and announcer.  Raymond's Aguilla's band consists of Willard Isley, Phil Doto, Rudolph Anderson, Carl Berggren, Walter Tritchler and Mike Doyle.  Members of clown alley are Bozo Lamont, Mark Anthony, Al White, Billie Burke, Lee Virtue, Grover Nitchman, Abe Goldstein, Rube Dyer and George Barnaby.

Pete Kortes's Sideshow is said to be  the largest ever brought to the Islands.  Attractions are Athelia, monkey girl; Barney Nelson, armless artist; Harry Lewis, ossified man; Prince Dennis and Lady Ethel, midget couple; Zandu, quarter boy; Frances O'Connor, armless girl; Waldo, human rat trap; Doris and Thelma, albino twins; Sealo, seal boy;  W. E. Alezander, flea circus; Red Friend, magic, and Sam Alexander, man with two faces.  Frances Friend and Eddie Hagen handle the front.  Other personnel includes Martha Painter, secretary; Frank Schenck, canvas; June Parman, nurse; William Parman, utility, and Bongo Hinkle, electrician.



Billboard Dec. 27th 1948


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