Live Two Headed Cow- Belonged to Bobby Reynolds...

Now Head stuffed given to Mr. James Taylor....


King was the only cow with two Heads in the US who lived long and really looked like a two headed Cow.   King and Dolly  were the two greatest live Freak Two Headed Cows ever in the sideshow business, they both lived for 12 years......



The image above was my sideshow in 1994....The bannerline was from the historic HELL'S BELLES, that I bought from my step Father Bobby Reynolds for 25,000 dollars with complete show......The original Hell's Bells was Arch Mc Kaskle's of Pacific Palisades Park in New Jersy. Arch also had a great Big Freak Animal show, with King the live two Headed Steer, like (Dolly) that Bobby Reynolds ended up with, then Bobby stuffed King and gave the head to James Taylor....My Show was called World of Wonders.....the tent was 40' by 100' long in those days.....


The story of the live two headed "KIng" is wonderful.....Bobby bought the full grown 2500 pound dairy cow from Al Moody and his wife. They were showing it as a single-O, because they sold their GIANT triple high bannerline Freak Animal Show to their son Jim......Bobby bought King the live two Headed steer for 12,000 dollars with barn and complete show....Bobby took the Show to the Arizona state fair where King died at 12 years old.


Bobby had  King stuffed and showed it the next year at Arizona State Fair.


To make sure people thought it was alive Bobby went to the cow barns at the fair and got real cow poop and spread it around King in the show....lol


Later that year I found a live Two Headed Calf in Rockdale Texas coming back from being sideshow manager of the RB&BB Circus at Circus World......Bobby and I teamed up at the Bakersfield Fair with Freddy my live two Headed Calf three months old....show did great.


John Strong
Master Showman


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