HOUSED IN a glass case at California's San Diego Reptile House, Duplex, the two-headed king snake, is a major attraction.  Usually, such freaks of nature never survive birth, but good old Duplex was saved by the intervention of man.  One day a San Diego tree-nurseryman rescued her, a tiny newborn creature, from a hungry blackbird and he gave her to the Reptile House after her diet became too complicated for him to care for her.  The house reptile curator Charles Shaw, has taken anxious care of Duplex, who is two years ole now, 22 inches long, alive and writhing and twice as murderous as any of her sisters.  As both her heads supply a single morsel of food at the same time, the reptile couldn't swallow and would choke to death.  But besides being a curiosity, Duplex is used for scientific study on complicated problems involving the human brain and reflexes too!  Article circa 1950s


Duplex lives on rats, mice and other foods.  Here, one head is being fed its daily fare while the other looks on.  Duplex would die if both heads ate simultaneously.


Looking satisfied with herself as she swallows her rodent lunch, Duplex eats anything with the same gusto.  Actually she consumes only as much as normal snake.


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