Special Horse Trucks


Special Horse Trucks - An International straight job with four-inch oak flooring is used to transport the big horse, Queen Jean, which is now playing independent dates under the personal management of Millard Finch.


The unit will rejoin the World of Mirth for fairs beginning with the Central Canada Exhibition, Ottawa, in August.  The three midget horses have their own truck with special padded stalls for each animal.  All four sides contain ventilators and their comfort on hot days is additionally assured by the several exhaust fans located in the body of the van.  The entire unit, front panels tent, poles and flash, can be loaded on the single truck along with the animals.  As a result the show can make a date almost anywhere at any time if the pickings loom good.


Article from the Billboard July 9, 1949


Photo and article courtesy of Brian Ezzelle


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