I am Jerry the talking dog-No fooling'- if you want proof ask the service man who sent you this postcard.  My job-through the courtesy of Pyroil Company, La Crosse, Wisconsin-is to visit veterans' hospitals and talk to hospitalized boys and girls.  I enjoy my work and the boys and girls enjoy me.  It's a cinch for me to bring a smile to their faces.


I do a lot of tricks too, smart tricks almost human.  My vocabulary is not big bur here is what I do say, "I run" - "I wont" - "NO NO" - "I want our" - "Mamma" - and "I want it".


For instance when I am asked what I do when the military police gets after us, I reply "I run".


How are these for tricks? I scratch the boys' heads, - dial a telephone, - take books out of a bookcase, although I will admit I don't read.


Maybe you will be hearing about me from other places because I am always on the go, from one hospital to another.


If you want to know just where I am - write the Pyroil Company for my present address.




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