Is this cow the result of an alien experiment?
Have alien beings melded their genes with those of cattle?
Why were strange lights seen in the sky on the night of it's birth?

Since the 1970's there have been countless reports of cattle mutilations - but what about cattle Mutations? Most accounts of cattle mutilations coincide with sightings of UFO's or other strange phenomena - and so it was in this case. In March 2008, after seeing strange lights in the sky over his ranch, an Oklahoma cattle rancher found a newborn calf wandering alone in his pasture. Unlike normal cattle, the calf had a flat face and a small nose, like a human. The calf's mother would not let it nurse and all the other cattle shunned the bizarre creature. The rancher decided that is would probably be best to destroy the creature, but thought it might be a good idea to let his veterinarian take a look at it first. The veterinarian was so intrigued by the creature that he purchased it on the spot for one hundred dollars. After a barrage of tests, it was determined that the creature was in fact genetically different from any type of normal cattle. The creature also displayed a superior level of intelligence when compared to other members of the bovine species. The veterinarian eventually entrusted the care of the creature to a local sanctuary for exotic animals where the so called "Alien Cow" - now named "Gypsy" - resides happily today.

The owner of the aforementioned animal sanctuary is a personal friend of mine. I have seen the animal on several occasions and can swear that it is 100% real. I cannot however verify it's origins or speak with any authority as to why it looks the way it does. What I have presented here is my account of the story that was given to me. Perhaps this is one for the "Believe It Or Not" file.

Jack Armstrong



Alien Cow Owner Jeff McIntyre - The Funny Farm


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