The horse, with the brain of a man, is recognized by press and public to be the most intelligent of the equine family.  He was born in Oregon, Ill., April 15, 1908; is standard bred, with a racing mark of 2:16 at two years of age.  He is one of the Sydna Dillon family, and when but a colt displayed unusual intelligence, and, with a five-year schooling, he has become one of of the wonders of the world.  He was the feature attraction of the Panama International Exposition, at San Francisco, Calif., in 1915, and his gross receipts for ten months were eighty-five thousand dollars.  He was also the feature attraction of the San Diego, Calif., Exposition in 1916.  Since then he has been the feature attraction of various enterprises throughout the country.  This season he is the feature attraction of the Johnny J. Jones Exposition.  Some of his accomplishments are Playing on Musical Instruments, Operating a Cash Register, Matching Colors, Solving Mathematical Problems, and giving a most unusual test in mental Telepathy while blindfolded.  The only act of its kind in the world.  Captain W. A. Sigsbee, owner and trainer.


Permanent address, care "The Billboard." New York.


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