Memories.... Popcorn, waffles, grease, sausage with onions and green peppers.

French fries, old and new coffee, cotton candy, candy apple horror kids, animals, sweat, and too much perfume

Paint, paint thinner, turpentine, gasoline, oil, canvas new, canvas wet, canvas musty. Dust, mud, and iron

Barbecued meat, fried meat and burned meat. The smell of money ,cash and coin.

A carnival concert for the nose, always present... Organ music, the Calliope. The Jenny, Clatter of the roller coaster, the roar of the motor-drome, shouts of the talkers, screams of the riders, and the chant of the grinders.

Bells, Rock'n Roll. Growls, whinnies, barks and chatter of the animals, flap of the canvas, the first and last sounds of night.

The muted voices of friends, seen on this lot, missed on the next, seen again. Crackle of cooking, the voices of townies, and a thousand local sounds..

Pitch ‘till you win!

by Slim Price 12-18-1997


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