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Re: Generation Gap?


From: Harley
Category: Category 1
Date: 10/25/98
Time: 10:13:18 AM
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There's definitely a gap. With the decline of sideshows, there were very few of us, who had real memories of them, to carry on.


The Jim Rose show, and all of its clones and offshoots, have had to make up their style based on a different kind of memory. So they have a different kind of flavor. And it's not based in an oral tradition, where the material is passed down directly from generation to generation. It's been a kind of sidestepping, and that's the gap.


And there are so many people in the world these days, that many disaffected young ones beg for attention by doing their best to become geeky. And so the show becomes a "personal statement" about a way of life, rather than a once a year event that reinforces the normality of the rest of the year.

But "bizarre" skills have been around for five thousand years of written history, and are not about to die out. The presentation just changes shape to fit the times. People like us were working before sideshows were invented (1853 by Gilbert Spaulding), and we'll be around when tents have become obsolete, tragic though that will be.


Jim Rose has also given the business a different kind of marketing, far more targeted than was previously possible. Posters on walls in turn-of-the-century America, can't keep up with the type of machines that have been produced by the recording industry and the Disney's of the world.


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  Poster from the Jim Rose Circus

  Clyde Beatty Cole Brothers Combined Show Aug 1959

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